About us

Professor Chris Taylor, Associate Vice President for Digital and Innovation at The University of Manchester, outlines the work and aims of Digital Futures.

Digital Futures is a highly interdisciplinary network that operates across the whole range of the University’s digital research.

Digital Futures aims to present a coherent overview of our digital research activity to external stakeholders and bring together our research communities to explore new research areas and address strategic opportunities.

We group our activity around themes that encapsulate our broad research capabilities and the challenges to which these can be applied.

These themes do not operate as self-contained entities; however, there is considerable synergy and overlap between them, and many of our academics are involved in several capability and challenge themes.

A senior academic provides leadership for each theme and works with other theme leads as part of the Management Board to maintain an overview of Digital Futures and explore opportunities.

Strategic direction and oversight to the University’s Digital Futures activity is provided by the Strategic Advisory Board.

About Digital Futures


Meet the Director

Professor Chris Taylor talks about Digital Futures at Manchester and why it's so important.