Steering Group

Image - Kostas

Dr Kostas Arvanitis | Theme Lead and Senior Lecturer in Museology

Kostas is a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Museology, Institute for Cultural Practices, University of Manchester. His research interests cross the fields of museology, archaeology, cultural heritage, and digital media. His expertise lies in the area of Digital Heritage that includes the theory and practice of digital technology in museums, galleries and heritage sites. He is particularly interested in the museology of technology: the critical analysis of the use of digital, social and mobile media in museums for purposes of curation, interpretation, evaluation and audience engagement.

Professor Ricardo Climent | Professor of Interactive Music; Director of the NOVARS Research Centre

Ricardo Climent is Professor of Interactive Music Composition at The University of Manchester, where he serves as director of the NOVARS Research Centre and as head of Composition. For the last few years his research has focused on the potential of game-audio, physics and graphic engines for compositional purposes, using ‘the aural’ as the primary source for navigation and exploration.

Dr Scott Midson | Lecturer in Liberal Arts

Scott Midson is a lecturer and researcher who specialises in the study of theology and posthumanism. Currently, he am researching how 'love' can be used to characterise and problematise human-machine relations. Details of this project can be found at the Lincoln Theological Institute, where he completed postdoctoral research.

Scott is also involved in setting up a Liberal Arts programme for The University of Manchester, based in the School of Arts, Languages, and Cultures (SALC). For more information on this programme, see here.

Dr Hannah Cobb | Senior Lecturer in Archaeology; Associate Director for eLearning and Teaching Innovation (SALC)

Hannah Cobb is a Senior Lecturer in Archaeology and Associate Director for eLearning and Teaching Innovation (SALC). Her research focuses on both contemporary archaeological practice, and the British Mesolithic. In the former, questions of pedagogy, training, equality and diversity are a central concern, in the latter her research examines the intersection between material culture, landscape and identity. In both areas, Hannah’s research is informed by posthuman feminism.

Dr Anita Greenhill | Senior Lecturer at Manchester Business School

Anita Greenhill is a Senior Lecturer at the Manchester Business School, University of Manchester. Anita has an extensive research and publication list exploring cultural practices of online communities. She is currently researching the changing role of the city, local communities and their use of community news media in the digital age.

Image - Dr Joanna Taylor

Dr Joanna Taylor | Presidential Fellow in Digital Humanities

Joanna Taylor’s research focuses on literary geographies of the long nineteenth century, spatial poetics and environmental humanities.  Her previous work includes the post of Senior Research Associate at Lancaster University on the Spatial Humanities project 'Geospatial Innovation in the Digital Humanities: A Deep Map of the English Lake District'. Her recent work continues to explore the uses of digital technologies in humanities research, particularly at the intersection between literary geographies and environmental studies.

John Hodgson

John Hodgson | Associate Director (Curatorial Practices), University of Manchester Library

John is a member of the Library Executive Team with strategic responsibility for the development, promotion and care of the Library’s outstanding Special Collections of rare books, maps, manuscripts, archives and visual collections.

He leads a team of librarians, archivists, curators, conservators, imaging specialists, and experts in public and academic engagement. Many are based at The John Rylands Library, a research powerhouse and a major cultural institution. John also leads the Ahmed Iqbal Ullah RACE Centre, a unique library and archive specialising in the study of race, ethnicity and migration, located within Manchester Central Library.

Dr Johannes Sjöberg | Lecturer in Screen Studies

Johannes Sjöberg is a Lecturer in Screen Studies at the Department of Drama and Film Studies at SALC. Johannes specialises in screen practice as research and teaches documentary, docufiction and virtual reality film in theory and practice. His research focuses on crossovers between Anthropology, Media and Performance as reflected in the practice-based AMP PhD he is convening. Topics of recent research, publications and films include the epistemology of play, ethno science fiction and climate change in ethnographic film.

Steve Devine

Steve Devine | Digital Communications Manager at The Manchester Museum and The Whitworth

Steve's work connects with all areas of digital engagement, content and communications across the diverse range of activities at Manchester Museum and the Whitworth. His experience as a counsellor has led to an interest in the emotional impact of digital technologies.