Manchester Connected Health Ecosystem

The Manchester Connected Health Ecosystem is a collaborative network that brings together world leading academic expertise, industry partners from SMEs to major international digital & pharma companies, Health and Social Care professionals across the NHS, Public Health and local government, and patient and service user representatives. 

Connected health is a major theme of the Health & Care challenge. As part of Digital Futures' role as a founder member of the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance) we established the GM Connected Health Ecosystem in 2011. In 2012 HEIF funding was awarded to establish and strengthen the community, facilitating collaborative research and innovation projects, embedding the Ecosystem within the city-region partners and disseminating research results and best practice in innovation. 

Serving a city region wide population of some 2.8 million people, the Ecosystem is designed to engage key stakeholders in helping to deliver an innovation friendly environment for the development and deployment of connected health solutions; fully utilising the power of digital, mobile, and wireless technologies to enhance access to care, improve health, and deliver better outcomes.

The devolution of Greater Manchester’s Health & Social Care budget presents a unique opportunity to transform the lives of residents, allowing the regions leaders and clinicians to tailor budgets and priorities to directly meet the needs of local communities and improve the health and wellbeing of the region. 

The Ecosystem is delivered in partnership with the ECHAlliance and is aligned with the priorities of Health Innovation Manchester.

Digital Futures engages actively to build the community of Ecosystem members, through regular newsletters and quarterly open meetings. These are held at MSP Citylabs on Oxford Road, Manchester, and cover a range of health and technology related topics. Information about previous meetings can be accessed here

What benefits does the Ecosystem deliver?

Members from industry and the third Sector can gain an understanding of user needs and priorities in an innovation-friendly environment; health and social care organisations gain access to state-of-the-art technology and knowledge in industry and other partner organisations to help develop more efficient & higher quality care services and can inform the research agenda; patient groups can influence the design and deployment of new services and academic research can benefit from an understanding of user needs & priorities and access to state-of-the-art technology and knowledge in industry.

The Ecosystem brings engaged industry and social care partners to city-region organisations and is valued by GM stakeholder organisations such as HinM, MIDAS, (Manchester’s inward investment agency), and Manchester Science Parks Ltd (the business incubator for high tech SMEs), as a crucial element of the broader digital health landscape in Greater Manchester. The Health Innovation Manchester video 'Health and Life Sciences' in Manchester cites Manchester’s “Europe’s flagship Connected Health Ecosystem” as one of the major health and life sciences assets for the city-region.

Our deep and continued engagement with the NHS and industry through the Ecosystem has led to a number of joint research and innovation projects involving the University and Ecosystem members from the NHS and large and small industry.

Visit the Ecosystem website.