April Biobank webinar: Introduction and overview

23rd April 2020

The opportunities to conduct research with the UK Biobank are expanding rapidly as the Biobank cohort progresses over time and more data modalities are being added. Last year, structured primary care data for ~230 participants of the Biobank were added and this year will see whole exomes for ~150K participants. This comes on top of existing modalities such as genotypes, imaging, wearable accelerometry, hospital admissions and others. Many UoM researchers are already using the Biobank in their research, but few groups have capabilities to analyse different data modalities and to date there has been no concerted effort to share experiences, skills, and expertise between groups. For this reason the Health & Care theme organised a series of meetings to review the Biobank research that is currently undertaken in Manchester, and facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration to maximise strength and depth of our Biobank studies.

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