Multilingual Manchester

Language and cultural diversity is a permanent feature of all major cities around the world, and Manchester is no exception. Over 150 languages are spoken in the Greater Manchester area. Almost half of school pupils in Manchester have a home language other than English. Communities cherish and cultivate their language heritage. Multilingualism is part of our urban landscape of public signs, posters, and banners. Many among Manchester’s work force have excellent foreign language skills, enabling them to communicate directly with business partners around the world. The city’s commercial sector includes services that specialise in international customer services, translation and interpreting, and consultancy and advertising in other languages.

At Multilingual Manchester, we promote awareness of language diversity in the city-region and beyond. We study the practical challenges and the immense opportunities that language diversity brings. We explore how it shapes people’s language repertoires and practices.

Our teaching, research and outreach strands take inspiration from current issues raised by practitioners and communities, who strive to ensure equality of access to services as well as the maintenance of Manchester’s rich array of home languages. We work with local government, healthcare providers, police and emergency services, schools and community initiatives to co-design research and to share good practice.

Students are an integral part of our work. They contribute to research and outreach activities. Multilingual Manchester has created the world’s largest online archive of research reports authored entirely by undergraduate students.

Our student volunteer scheme engages students from a range of academic disciplines. They support the work of host institutions across the city, gaining valuable insight into service delivery in a diverse, dynamic city.

Multilingual Manchester is based at the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures at the University of Manchester.