Research Centres

Learn more about the research centres working onĀ digital creative and heritage at the University of Manchester.Ā 


Manchester Centre for Correspondence Studies

The Manchester Centre for Correspondence Studies (MCCS) was founded in 2019, following two successful years of the Lives and Afterlives of Letters Network.

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The NOVARS research centre specialises in the areas of Interactive Music and Media, audification, electroacoustic composition, game-audio, and locative-audio.

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Multilingual Manchester

Multilingual Manchester promotes awareness of language diversity in the city-region and beyond. They study the practical challenges and the immense opportunities that language diversity brings.

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Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute

The HCRI is a leading global centre for the study of humanitarianism and conflict response, global health, international disaster management and peacebuilding.

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Centre for Digital Humanities

With one of the largest concentrations of humanities scholars in the UK, The University of Manchester is harnessing cutting-edge digital methodologies and tools to address new research challenges.

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Institute for Cultural Practices

ICP provides a platform for innovative research, postgrad teaching and professional development which engages with cultural and heritage producers and organisations in Greater Manchester and beyond

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