Creative & Heritage

Theme Lead: Dr Kostas Arvanitis

Scope of Theme

The theme explores the transformational impact of digital technologies in the arts, education, community and heritage. Working with our cultural assets, external organisations and communities, we will explore how technologies ranging from digital preservation to virtual and augmented reality will provide unprecedented access to cultural heritage, create new cultural experiences, and redefine the media and creative industries landscape. The theme includes:

  • Digital creativity and creative/cultural industries
  • Endangered languages and cultures
  • Digital publics and cultural participation¬†
  • Virtual and augmented reality access to cultural heritage
  • Decision support for arts and culture organisations
  • New models for media, entertainment and infotainment
  • Immersive and located games


Areas of strength include transforming physical heritage materials into digital versions for online storage, presentation, and analysis; representing data visually in graphs, plots, charts and maps and discovering and extracting knowledge from the patterns and trends found in large sets of text documents. The University of Manchester is central to the history of computing.

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