Citizens & Government

Theme Lead: Professor Rachel Gibson

Scope of Theme 

The theme focuses on the role of digital technologies in the political lives of citizens, particularly with regard to how far they increase or diminish individuals' ability to hold their governing institutions accountable. Whilst the internet, and particularly social media, have encouraged citizen engagement and responsive government, they have also spawned phenomena such as fake news, filter bubbles, echo chambers, and third party interference in the democratic process. We aim to elucidate the nature of contemporary digital citizenship and government, and understand how it is transforming individuals’ civic and political behaviour. The theme includes:

  • Democracy and elections
  • Interpreting census and survey data
  • Social media and network analytics
  • Government and public services
  • Digital inclusions and inequalities
  • Communities and citizen engagement
  • Globalisation and global development

Leading Research at Manchester

Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research (CMIST) 

Democracy and Elections Research Group

Confidentiality and Privacy Research Group (CAPRI)

Manchester Institute for Innovation Research (MIoIR)

Manchester Social Media Analytics Research Hub (Computer Science)

Global Development Institute, Centre for Development Informatics