Guest Seminar Series

Cities & Environment Online Seminar

Date/Time: Wednesday 26th August 2020

Speakers: Professor James Evans & Dr. Dave Topping

Abstract: The Manchester Urban Observatory is an EPSRC funded initiative to understand and improve urban environments using data and sensors. We work with researchers and end users to provide longer term insights into the health and environmental impacts caused by changes to the urban environment, whether they be from Clean Air Zones, large scale urban regeneration, or smaller scale infrastructure interventions. Our aims are to profile scalable solutions to urban problems using Greater Manchester as a test case, showing how urban planning, environmental quality and health intersect, and communicate urban data in ways that support better decision-making and positive societal impact.

The goal of this webinar is to outline our vision, the support we can offer, and discuss opportunities to develop interdisciplinary, challenge-led projects that bring together researchers from across the University.




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