Business & Employment

Theme Lead: Professor Ken McPhail

Scope of Theme

The theme explores the use of digital technologies to catalyse collaboration and business innovation. It addresses the potential for economic growth, the disruption of existing business models, and the impact of digital platforms and automation on patterns of employment, the experience of individuals in the workplace, and the future of work itself. The theme includes:

  • Next generation services
  • Financial & legal technology
  • Technology support for business decisions
  • Analysis of investment risk
  • Regional growth & ecosystems
  • Changing skills & employment landscapeĀ 
  • Quality of working lifeĀ 
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The Sustainable Consumption Institute

The Sustainable Consumption Institute seeks to advance an understanding of the social practices of production and consumption and the way they shape the sustainable provision of needs.

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The Work and Equalities Institute

The Work & Equalities Institute pursues research and engagement on all aspects of work and employment, identifying and promoting conditions for more inclusive and fair work and employment arrangements

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The Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIOIR)

MIOIR pursues research and engagement in innovation management and competitiveness, emerging technologies and governance, innovation policy analysis, and system transitions and societal challenges.

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