Societal Challenges

Societal challenges focus on real-world activities that are economically and socially important, and have the potential to be transformed by digital technology. Those selected build on existing multidisciplinary strengths within the University.

health and care 3

Health & Care

Digital health brings together eHealth, covering digital processes in healthcare data; and mHealth, which broadly enables these processes through the use of mobile and digital technologies.

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cities and environment

Cities & Environment

Digital technologies, including sensor networks, data analytics and agile control systems, have the potential to transform cities, and the lives of those who live and work in them.

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business and employment 3

Business & Employment

Addressing the potential for economic growth, the disruption of existing business models, and the impact of digital platforms and automation on patterns of employment and the future of work itself

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industry v3

Industry 5.0

Industry 5 is the integration of smart, connected, and autonomous digital and physical technologies like IoT and robotics with AI and value-adding human strengths in problem-solving, creativity...

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citizens and government

Citizens & Government

Exploring the nature of contemporary digital citizenship & government and understanding how it is transforming individuals' civic & political behaviour.

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creative and heritage

Creative & Heritage

Exploring the transformational impact of digital technologies ranging from digital preservation to virtual and augmented reality on the arts, education, community and heritage.

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