Social Media & Networks

Theme Lead: Dr David Schoch

Scope of Theme

Social media and the social networks they support are an important facet of modern life. They are ubiquitous in peoples’ interactions with each other and with organisations and are thus relevant to a broad range of societal challenges. Importantly, through content and network analysis, they can provide unique insights into individual and group behaviour. The theme includes:

  • Societal impact
  • Politics, democracy and fake news
  • Social media analytics
  • Individual and group behaviour
  • Covert networks
  • Network analysis and modelling
  • Network dynamics 

The impact of social media throughout the world is growing rapidly. Communication has been revolutionised - many people are more 'connected' to one another than ever before. The implications of this revolution are profound in many ways, affecting societies, cultures, politics, economics, science and media; indeed, almost every academic discipline has been impacted.

Mitchell Centre for Social Network Analysis

The Mitchell Centre is a leading centre in the development and application of social network analysis techniques.

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