Funding Opportunities

There are regular calls for projects relevant to trust and security, and proposals from researchers who have not previously applied their research to security-related problems are usually welcomed. If this is a new area for you, the DT&S team can offer advice about developing a proposal for security-relevant research and may be able to help with letters of support from potential stakeholders.

The following security-related funding calls are currently open:

Behavioural Analytics for Defence and Security: 

  • At least £5M for proposals that offer “scientific and technological solutions that can provide context-specific insights into the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of individual, group and population behaviour, enabling predictions about how they are likely to act in the future.” Closes 5 December.

EPSRC NetworkPlus in Trust, Identity, Privacy, and Security: 

  • £1.7M over 4-5 years to run “a NetworkPlus to develop and build on industry-academic relationships in TIPS… must involve a broad range of disciplines relevant to TIPS, including those beyond the purely technical elements, such as psychology, politics, legal and ethical studies among others”. Please let Emma Barrett know if you wish to be involved in a bid. Closes 5 December.

Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats (CREST) Third Commissioning Round

  • CREST is “seeking to identify and fund innovative and forward-looking economic, behavioural and social science research that will contribute to our understanding of contemporary security threats or enhance the UK’s capacity to detect and mitigate such threats”. Closes 23 January 2019.

Digital security, privacy, data protection and accountability in critical sectors, opening March 2019 

  • Boosting the effectiveness of the Security Union (SU) RIA Research and Innovation action , IA Innovation action. Opens 14 March 2019