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Digital Trust & Security Guest Seminar Series


Date/Time: Wednesday 18th November, 13:00

Speaker: Dr Anita Lavorgna, Associate Professor in Criminology, The University of Southampton

Title: Alternative truths? A criminological approach to investigate polluted and misleading online medical information during the pandemic

Abstract: With cyberspace being increasingly used to support health-related decision making and to market health products, the social implications of online information pollution and medical misinformation are extremely relevant, as they may cause financial, physical and psychological/emotional harm to the primary victims, as well as public health problems, and loss of confidence in the professional scientific and medical norm.

In the reality of the 2020 pandemic, for instance, we have recently witnessed how polluted health-related information has increased confusion and anxiety, and led to polarized views on preventive measures such as the use of face masks and physical distancing. This presentation will introduce some recent research on online medical misinformation and germane practices, conceptualizing them through criminological lenses in the broader context of technology-facilitated deviancy and victimization, with a specific focus on the narratives and conversations taking place in self-identifying alternative lifestyle and counterinformation online communities.

Bio: Anita is an Associate Professor in Criminology within the Department of Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology at the University of Southampton.

Anita is currently leading research projects on Internet-facilitated wildlife trafficking (ESRC New Investigator Grant) and health frauds.



Date/Time: Wednesday 2nd December, 13:00

Speaker: Professor Sadie Creese, Professor of Cybersecurity, Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford

Bio: Sadie Creese is Professor of Cyber Security in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford. She teaches operational aspects of cybersecurity including threat detection, risk assessment and security architectures.