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SpeakerProfessor Adam Joinson

Date/Time: April 3rd, 12pm. 

Venue: Crawford House Theatre 2.

Title: What do digital footprints reveal about people (and why we should care)? 
To what extent does our online activity reveal who we are? Recent research has demonstrated that the digital traces left by individuals as they browse and interact with others online may reveal who they are and what their interests may be. In this presentation, I will first share the results of three reviews and meta-analyses of the evidence that digital footprints can be used to predict individual characteristics. Using language matching as a case study, I will then demonstrate how subtle changes can predict social roles and personality. Finally, I will discuss evidence that this knowledge can be used to influence decision making, and implications for digital security, trust, and privacy.

Speaker: Dr. Benjamin Lee (Lancaster University)

Date/Time: 13:00, Wednesday 6th February 2019

Title: Trust and the Extreme Right Digital Milieu

Speaker: Dr. Iraklis Symeonidis (University of Luxembourg)

Date/Time: 11:00, Wednesday 23rd January 2019

Title: Analysis and design of secure and privacy-enhancing information sharing systems: the case of Facebook and car sharing

Speaker: Prof. Chris Hankin

Date: Wednesday 5th December 2018

Title: CNI and Cyber Security

Speaker: Dr. Lucas Cordeiro

Date: Wednesday 26th November 2018

Title: Automated Software Verification and Synthesis in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Speaker: Prof. Debi Ashenden

Date: Wednesday 3rd October 2018

Title: Social Loafing: Why Good People Breach Security And What To Do About It

Speaker: Michael Chertoff

Date: Tuesday 24th April 2018

Title: Security in the digital age: technology, privacy, and legal regulation