The Ratio Club

The Ratio Club, in its first iteration, was a group of academics (including Alan Turing) who convened to discuss cybernetics. Operating between 1949 and 1955, the Club consisted of 21 young academics (no professors allowed) from a variety of disciplines who converged in a hospital basement to, over drinks and dinner, engage in lively and informal debate around the burgeoning field of cybernetics.  

Today, the Ratio Club at the University of Manchester continues in that same spirit of multidisciplinary enquiry. Reignited by Dr. Danny Dresner in 2017, the Ratio Club hosts annual thought leadership events in the field of cyber security.


The Ratio Club - 2017 Meeting

The first meeting of the Ratio Club in over fifty years took place on 6th December 2017.

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The Ratio Club - 2018 Meeting

Kindly sponsored by the National Cyber Security Centre, the Ratio Club convened again in December 2018

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