Data Science Community

Manchester has an engaged data science community of almost 250 investigators, with methodologists embedded in Schools across the University addressing problems in extracting meaning from data, managing data volume, the variety of data used in analyses, the velocity with which it is produced, and the veracity of those data.

Data science has a home in all of the University's faculties (Engineering and Physical Sciences, Humanities and Medical and Human Sciences) supported across the whole data life cycle by work in the schools of Computer Science and Mathematics. 


Advances in Data Science Seminars

Leading researchers present their recent advances in Machine Learning and Computational Statistics...

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Advances in Data Science Conference

The Data Science Institute's conference series.

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Data Science Club

The club is a great opportunity for researchers to come together and hear about the cutting edge in data science methods and techniques being applied in research areas across the university.

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AMBS Big Data Forum

The Big Data Forum is hosted by the Alliance Manchester Business School, bringing together a number of experts in Big Data from within and outside the school. The Big Data Forum primary aim is...

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