Cross-cutting Capabilities

Cross-cutting capabilities are digital frameworks, technologies, and methods that are important areas of research in their own right and provide the underpinning structures for addressing Societal and Institutional Challenges.

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Data Science & AI

The University of Manchester's Institute for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence acts as an access point to the University's expertise in data science. From information management, to ...

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Digital Trust & Security

As we become increasingly dependent on digital technology it is critical to understand whether we can we trust the security and resilience of the systems we use and the people we interact with.

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human-centred design

Human-Centred Design

Increasingly sophisticated automation means that everything we design - from cars, to personal digital assistants, to algorithms - must have human understanding, behaviour and ethics at the centre.

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social media and networks

Social Media & Networks

Communication has been revolutionised. The implications of this revolution are profound in many ways, affecting societies, cultures, politics, economics, science and media.

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Internet of things

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) technology increasingly plays a crucial role in digital transformation across a broad range of sectors, providing the link between physical and digital worlds.

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Policy & Innovation

Unlocking the potential of digital transformation across many areas is likely to require changes in public and business policy, regulation and regional investment.

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