Using Augmented Reality to Bring Cultural Artefacts into New Public Spaces


Karolina Sykut 

Sparta Digital has been working with Manchester Metropolitan University to present a hidden, digital exhibition prepared by the University’s students.

The exhibition, which includes the Manchester Plinth and other augmented reality (AR) art experiences, takes place in All Saints Park from the 8th of June onwards.

Art School students designed digital versions of artefacts chosen from MMU Special Collections – featuring some of the finest examples of the Arts and Crafts movement in Britain – which users can view via an AR digital overlay if they download the Buzzin app and open their camera.

The exhibition will give visitors the ability to interact with art and cultural pieces in an entirely new way.

A new platform 

The Manchester Plinth will launch on June 29th, and be located within the centre of the park – easily accessible from the main entrance.

It deliberately sets up a mediation between the real and the virtual as a type of emergent space in our cities, a space that is currently underinvested as a cultural asset.

The project is the first of its kind in the UK and we aim to revolutionise and champion new ways of engaging with museum artefacts in a virtual reality both locally and globally.

To hear more about the digital exhibition, follow the link