UoM Researchers: Are You Involved With or Affected By Devo Manc?


How Researchers at The University of Manchester can get involved in the UoM Devo Manc Hub.

As a direct result of Devolution Manchester, a wide range of policy and decision making powers are to be transferred out of central government and into our local region. Through the elected mayor, the Manchester region has gained much greater direct control over a range of important policy issues, such as distributing the health and social care budget of £6 billion.

Many devolution initiatives seek to embed research and innovation at their core thus providing researchers at the University unprecedented routes to impact.  The University has therefore created the Devo Manc Hub to capitalise on this opportunity. The Devo Manc Hub aims to bring together researchers interested in Devo Manc, share developments and opportunities, and highlight our work which is affecting (or is affected by) devolution.

The Devo Manc Hub is now reaching out across the University to increase engagement with colleagues who are interested in getting involved. 

If you are currently involved with Devo Manc related work, or would like to be more involved, you can contact FSE’s representative Dr Alex Casson and sign up to the mailing list so that a list of researchers can be built up.