This is CityVerve

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CityVerve have created this video – which you can watch with or without sound – to introduce the CityVerve project to a whole new audience, and perhaps even reintroduce it to you!

There’s information in there about the mission of the project, who’s involved (including the University of Manchester!) and what themes are being covered in the use cases we’re developing as part of the overall project. There are a few examples of those use cases themselves being brought to life through the animation too.

As well as this video, you may start to see a lot more information about CityVerve appearing in the Oxford Road Corridor area, from leaflets in the libraries to advertising in the local newspapers. It’s all part of our mission to get the message out there and to get more and more citizens involved in helping us shape the project and make it the best it can be.

You can read the leaflet here and, as always, if you want to get involved with the project, visit  the CityVerve contact page for more information. 

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