The Sustainable Futures Internal Showcase Launch

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The Sustainable Futures Internal Showcase Launch, which took place on Tuesday 8th June 2021, brought together academics with an interest in sustainability from across the University of Manchester, to deliver a series of 'lightning style presentations'. 20 researchers, selected by an interdisciplinary team of academics following a call for abstracts, shared details of their work in this field in the Sustainable Futures challenge areas:

  • Resilient futures: fulfilling societal functions in the face of accumulating and disruptive environmental change at various scales, whilst ensuring our natural environments are protected, restored and sustained.
  • Resourceful futures: providing for human needs in ways that sustainably manage finite resources and recover value from rather than lose materials into the environment.
  • Net-zero futures: delivering rapid emissions reductions and enhancing our ability to remove and store carbon.
  • Healthy futures: managing risks to humans and ecosystems and realising the benefits of transitioning to an environmentally sustainable future.
  • Inclusive and prosperous futures: delivering environmental sustainability through a just transition that enables communities to thrive

Each researcher had five minutes to briefly discuss their area of research, including recent updates and calls for collaboration/support. Please find the Running order including, researcher faculty and presentation title below:

  • Prof Nigel Hooper, Associate Vice-President for Research – Welcome and introduction
  • Dr Nafhesa Ali, Faculty of Humanities - Towards Inclusive Environmental Sustainability (TIES)
  • Dr Jenna Ashton, Faculty of Humanities - Arts, Communities and Resilience: Empowering people within climate justice-action-policy work
  • Dr Joe Ravetz, Faculty of Humanities - Building a Collaboratorium for ‘collective sustainability intelligence’: a global experimental zone
  • Dr Neil Dixon, Faculty of Science and Engineering - Bio-based solutions for bioremediation
  • Dr Alejandro Gallego Schmid, Faculty of Science and Engineering - Circular Economy: Always environmentally sustainable?
  • Prof Arthur Garforth, Faculty of Science and Engineering - Chemical Recycling of Problematic Medical Plastics
  • Prof Bruce Grieve, Faculty of Science and Engineering - Energy production and Transport, Agriculture - the greatest contributor to emissions and carbon footprint.
  • Prof Julien Harou, Faculty of Science and Engineering - Digital design platforms for resilient, secure, low-carbon multi-actor resource systems
  • Mr David Jones, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust - “Greener operations” James Lind Alliance Priority-Setting Partnership
  • Prof Richard Kingston, Faculty of Humanities - The NERC Digital Solutions Hub
  • Dr Sarah Mander, Faculty of Science and Engineering - Industrial clusters as protective spaces: supporting the deployment of CCUS in the UK
  • Prof Allan Matthews, Faculty of Science and Engineering - The EPSRC NetworkPlus in Digitalised Surface Manufacturing: Taking the Coatings Sector into the Digitalised Age
  • Prof Michael P. Shaver, Faculty of Science and Engineering - Sustainable Plastics vs Sustainable Systems
  • Prof Matthew Paterson, Faculty of Humanities - Working with politics for net zero futures
  • Dr Christina Picken, Faculty of Science and Engineering - Lather, rinse, degrade: Designing biodegradable alternatives for body care formulations
  • Dr Aled Roberts, Faculty of Science and Engineering - Touch wood: enzyme immobilisation on wood-derived cellulose scaffolds for flow biocatalysis
  • Dr Holly Shiels, Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health - Air pollution and the heart
  • Prof Kevin Taylor, Faculty of Science and Engineering - The Earth's subsurface role in net-zero solutions
  • Dr Andrew Welfle, Faculty of Science and Engineering - Net Zero Futures: Bioenergy as a Mechanism for Achieving Climate Change Targets and the Sustainable Development Goals

You can view all researcher presentations here 

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