Smart Communities Need to Be Technologically Fit for the Future


Simon Navin

Increasingly, cities and citizens are having to confront global trends such as growing urbanization, escalating poverty, reductions in public services, and financial pressures from governments and administrations. But over the last decade, technology development has been exponential, creating a brave new world of opportunities to harness geospatial intelligence for societal good. High-quality geographic data can now enable effective decision- and policy-making in government. It can support sustainable development and deliver real benefits to a community, region, or nation.

Having accurate location and attribution information, combined with a working knowledge of assets and resources, helps authorities design and focus public services and engage citizens early in these processes. As cities get smarter through the proliferation of sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT), the way these services work can be adjusted in near real time. Thus, governments and businesses around the world are recognizing that they need to be geospatially fit for the future.

That is why Ordnance Survey, Great Britain's national mapping agency, created the geospatial maturity assessment. Organizations and administrations can use the tool to gauge how advanced they are at data collection, corporate governance, stakeholder engagement, operations management, and more. Since geospatial information affects everything—from policies and the economy to an individual's life chances—knowing the geospatial data a community has available and how to use it most efficiently is key.

Organizations and administrations that have a rich understanding of information about location and place are more likely to respond skillfully to evolving global challenges. With the right infrastructure, the right data management methods, the right technology, and the right capabilities, cities can realize their geospatial potential.

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