Sensitive and Highly Restricted Data Survey

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Are you working or conducting research with sensitive and/or highly restricted data? Or use political, commercial, experimental or export-control data in your research / work?

The Research Lifecycle Programme (RLP) team are working to develop a service to manage highly restricted data and would like to hear about your challenges of managing, storing and accessing data at the University. 

The team would like to gather this feedback through a survey (link below) from researchers and the wider research community through a survey. We have a number of £50 Amazon vouchers to give away, so by taking part you’ll be in with a chance of winning one!

The aim of the survey is to understand your experience, ideas and needs of working with highly restricted and sensitive data, so that we can develop a service to help you manage it. The University of Manchester classifies highly restricted data as data which has an impact if lost, stolen, misused or corrupted and has significant adverse effect on individuals or the University. It is also for use by a tightly defined group of users and deals with issues that they are exclusively authorised to handle. Data providers or external collaborators may also request that we treat certain data sets as highly restricted or sensitive.

If you want to know more about this initiative or would like to speak to the project team about your experience, please contact (Project Manager).