Out of the gallery and into the city: more art lands on the Manchester Plinth


The third commission for our augmented reality Plinth features familiar faces from popular 1970s kids’ TV show, Chorlton and the Wheelies.

The Plinth will be showcasing animations from the Collections of Cosgrove Hall – whose work also includes Danger Mouse and Kenneth Graham’s Wind In The Willows – and visitors to All Saints Parkwill be able to see a unique display featuring characters from the famous cartoon.

Buzzin, an app developed by CityVerve partner Sparta Digital and available on iOS and Android devices, uses augmented reality to show a digital version of the artefacts that are currently held in the MMU Special Collections Gallery exhibition. It’s a simple case of loading up the app, then pointing your smartphone camera at the Plinth to explore the exhibit and trigger animations.

This is the third commission to land on the Manchester Plinth since its launch in June, and these animations have been generated from a recently-acquired collection at Waterside Art Gallery in Sale – the new home of the Cosgrove Hall Films archive.

The Chorlton and the Wheelies exhibit on the Plinth is the latest in a project which is the first of its kind in the UK. It’s all about allowing people to engage with museum artefacts using augmented reality (or AR), and aims to transform the way we view and engage with collections.

The new exhibit Manchester Plinth display launches on the 15th of December.

It coincides with the current exhibition at the gallery where visitors can view original puppets, storyboards and props being exhibited together for the first time, alongside behind-the-scenes insights into the creative processes that brought this array of beloved characters to the screen.

An article written by Vicki DeBlasi from CityVerve