On AI and Robotics - Developing Policy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

On AI and Robotics

The Policy@Manchester team work to connect researchers with those working on policy, supporting and smoothing the process of knowledge exchange where needed.

Policy@Manchester has launched a digital Shorthand policy briefing on AI and Robotics featuring input from many UoM researchers: On AI and Robotics: Developing policy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

The briefing covers pertinent topics such as automation in the workplace, advanced systems in medicine, the implications of autonomous vehicles and improving trust and communication with intelligent machines.

Focusing on key issues such as:

  • Future predictions on the scale of changes to workplaces, industries and economies differ significantly, but many believe that AI and robotics will have a profound impact. In order to better prepare for this impact the nature of such potential changes should be better understood by policymakers and regulators today.
  • There is a need to better represent the views of end users in the development process when new products and services are planned, particularly when publicly funded. Similarly, when new systems are integrated into the workplace these investments can potentially be better protected when developed in partnership with workers (e.g. through co-designing services or training programmes).
  • Policymakers can learn from past technological revolutions in different industries in order to better prepare for changes to working conditions. Such changes are required in many areas such as through the creation of new capabilities using robots in hazardous environments, enhancing existing roles by cooperating with collaborative robots (cobots) or mitigating the commoditisation of certain jobs.

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