New App To Help Improve Environments for People Living with Dementia

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The Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) has announced the development of an innovative new app to help improve the lives of people living with dementia. Developed at the University of Sterling, the app alleviates challenges encountered by people with dementia in places such as public buildings, workplaces and homes for people living with dementia.

The team has collaborated with construction experts Space Group to develop the ground-breaking app to digitally assess how suitable an environment is for older people, with particular relevance to those living with dementia.

The dementia database (IRIDIS) will assess a person’s home and suggest changes that can be made to improve the suitability of the building. By monitoring factors such as noise, lighting and colour contrast, the free app will address physical design elements which directly affect older people’s quality of life and independence. 

How does it work? The app requires inputting photographs and answering simple questions about the building. It can be used by people with dementia, their families, healthcare professionals, construction experts or designers. 

More information on the app is available here.