Manchester the number 1 tech city outside of London

UK map tech cyber

CBRE recently published a report naming the top 5 tech cities in the UK outside of London, with Manchester coming out on top. 

Rapid global expansion of the creative and digital economy has fuelled competition between and growth across UK towns and cities. To continue their appeal these cities must grow their brands as top tech destinations and improve the quality of their business support ecosystems, infrastructure and amenities. Five UK cities outside of London have demonstrated this ability, with Manchester as number one followed by Glasgow, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Reading. 

CBRE report key findings:

  • Momentum: Tech employment has increased in 17 out of 25 cities emphasising the growth shown in the tech sector in the past 2 years
  • Brain Gain: Education scores improved in 21 out of 25 markets and 5 cities moved up in CBRE's education ranking
  • Rising costs: Employment cost were up in 18 of 25 markets and housing costs rose in all the top 25 locations
  • Ranking competition: As Manchester remains the top city outside of London more cities are now competing for the very top spots

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