Digital Futures PS Network - November

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The latest Digital Futures PS Network meeting was held on November 12th. Colleagues from across the University met virtually to hear updates from senior colleagues in areas relating to digital.

The meeting was opened by Digital Futures Strategy and Operations Manager, Sarah Barton, who welcomed colleagues to the meeting and spoke about forthcoming Digital Futures activity, including multi-theme events with the Health & Care theme and the Citizens & Government and Cities & Environment themes. This was then followed by a presentation from Corporate Campaigns Manager, Vicky Taylor-Plane, who outlined the corporate campaigns objectives and how they tie to the core goals and themes of ‘Our future’, the new vision and strategic plan for the University of Manchester.

We also heard a short presentation from Fiona Treacey who is the Research Community Engagement Officer for the Research Lifecycle Project and Matthew Walsh, Business Analyst for IT Services. In line with the Research Lifecycle Project’s overarching goal of uplifting research support at the University, they discussed the online tool Overleaf and how it can benefit researchers by making it easier to produce papers and collaborate with others.

There was also some discussion about potential synergies between attendees, who included Institute Managers, Communications, Engagement and and Marketing managers, and BE and strategic funding support colleagues from all three faculties.

The Digital Futures PS Network is a monthly meeting for senior colleagues working in digital-related areas across the University of Manchester to come together and share updates, knowledge and insight relating to their roles and synergies with Digital Futures challenges and capabilities. If you would like to join this network, please contact Sarah Barton.

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