Digital Futures PS Network Meeting - January 2021


The latest Digital Futures PS Network meeting was held on January 14th. Colleagues from across the University met virtually to hear recent updates from senior members of staff.

The meeting was opened by Digital Futures Strategy and Operations Manager, Sarah Barton, who welcomed colleagues to the meeting and introduced new members of staff to the Digital Futures team. This introduction was followed by a presentation from Ania Jolly, Strategic Funding Manager and Interim Operations Manager for the Christabel Pankhurst Institute for Health Technology Research and Innovation, which provided an insight into the recent launch of the Institute and how its plans been altered by the recent pandemic. This presentation explained how the Institute plans on using a Health & Care Technology Translation Pathway to catalyse research and innovation to meet real healthcare needs.

This presentation is available to view here

Next, Nicole Moyo, Business Analyst for the Research Lifecycle Programme, conducted a presentation sharing information about surveys being conducted for the International Research Risk Programme and encouraged staff to participate in these surveys to help establish a baseline for how international research is facilitated by the University. International research is fundamental to meeting the University's vision and Strategic Plan.

Links to these surveys can be found in the presentation here.

The meeting concluded with internal updates from the Digital Futures team. Firstly from Orla Burden, who advertised the upcoming meeting for the Greater Manchester Connected Health Ecosystem, which is taking place on January 21st.

Tickets to attend the virtual event are available to book using the link below.

Finally, Matthew Harrison, director of IDSAI (Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence) discussed the agenda of new interdisciplinary sandpit events which are to be hosted alongside the Turing Institute over the next few months.

The Digital Futures PS Network is a monthly meeting for senior colleagues working in digital-related areas across the University of Manchester to come together and share updates, knowledge and insight relating to their roles and synergies with Digital Futures challenges and capabilities. If you would like to join this network, please contact Sarah Barton.