“Democracy under Attack?” Turing workshop 26th April 2019

democracy under attack seminar

The Digital Futures Citizens & Government and Digital Trust & Security themes joined together with the Alan Turing Institute to hold a one day workshop  bringing together practitioners and academics to discuss the challenges that digital technologies raise for the conduct of democratic elections.

The workshop focused on key challenge areas: 

  • What is the real nature and scale of the threat that such practices present to our democracy?
  •  How are these practices implemented and scaled up? How do external actors seek to influence our electoral system and governing institutions using digital tools and how is misinformation spread?
  •  What are the main effects of these problems for society, government bodies and regulators, political parties, and individual citizens?
  •  What can be done about to protect UK democracy against these threats?

Representatives from the Home Office and Cabinet Office participated in a stimulating day that was filled with fascinating research ideas and valuable discussion. We plan to follow up the lively conversations that were started and take this agenda forward.