Democracy@Risk Launch Event

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On Monday 20th September we hosted the Democracy@Risk Launch, a cross-theme event between our Citizens & Government and Digital Trust & Security themes. Our speakers discussed some of the potential sources of harm to democracy identified in the Democracy@Risk report, a summary of a multidisciplinary literature review carried out at the University of Manchester in 2020. 

Dr Ariadna Tsenina (Research Associate at the University of Manchester) introduced the event with an overview of the Democracy@Risk report, explaining the main issues identified in the report and putting forward its areas of recommendation.

We then heard from our three speakers who gave further insight into each of the report’s three key areas. Professor Kate Dommett (Senior Lecturer in the Public Understanding of Politics at the University of Sheffield) discussed the recommendations in the report on the topic of digital political micro-targeting.

This was followed by Professor Martin Innes (Director of Cardiff University Crime and Security Research Institute & Director of Universities' Police Science Institute), who explored some of the challenges around online misinformation. Next, Professor Kari Kiniven (Education Outreach Expert at EUIPO Observatory) shared some insights on the importance of digital information literacy.

Professor Rachel Gibson, Digital Futures Citizens & Government theme lead, concluded the session with a Q&A session where participants were invited to put their questions to the panel.

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