CityVerve: How can the right technology optimise the potential benefits of the Internet of Things?


Chris Taylor

As partners in the CityVerve Smart City Demonstrator, the University of Manchester and Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are working with University Hospital of South Manchester to shape the future applications of the Internet of Things (IoT) to benefit society in Manchester and beyond and in ways that we have not yet even thought of.

We are working together on a use case exploring how IoT technology can help patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) to manage their own condition better and we are now exploring the best sensor technologies for the project, working with delivery partner SmartGateways.

We are drawing on the expertise of our technology partners to identify potential technology elements, as well as on the first-hand experience of our clinical colleagues to assess which of these technologies are essential to what we are trying to achieve (and which are perhaps only desirable). In addition, and perhaps most importantly, we’re listening to patients’ views about the technology – because one of our main aims is to demonstrate that IoT interventions are useful and acceptable.

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