A City on the Move: introducing our travel and transport objectives


Simon Warburton

A city is nothing if you can’t move around it.

The world’s leading cities – from London to Singapore – all recognise the importance of connectivity in promoting economic growth and supporting flourishing communities.

And these world leaders now see the growing value in smart implementation of technology to help guide citizens around complex urban environments.

In the UK, and in an historic city like Manchester, we want to embrace innovation to get the most out of our transport systems and to support the city’s growth without unnecessary traffic congestion and air pollution.

Since winning the initial Innovate UK bid process, we’ve been working together with our other CityVerve partners to develop a number of solutions that will improve Manchester’s travel and transport offering for people living in and visiting the city.

As Manchester’s population continues to grow, we’ll find ourselves living in an ever-denser environment. We need to consider how to balance this, and develop solutions that work for everyone. That means making sure we’re promoting mobility choices to all of our citizens.

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