Transformative Healthcare Technologies for 2050


Funding Available: £25 million

Call Opens: March 2019

Submission Deadline: May 2019 

The Healthcare Technologies Theme at EPSRC have published a pre-announcement for a call on Transformative Healthcare Technologies for 2050.

The Healthcare Technologies Theme aims to invest in research to support the next generation of underpinning science and emerging technologies. The focus of this call is Transformative Healthcare Technologies for 2050; technologies expected to have an impact within the next 30 years for the NHS, community or home care and an ageing workforce. EPSRC are looking to support visionary projects which could create a step change in how healthcare is delivered.

Projects and collaborations which address underrepresented parts of the EPSRC portfolio and the two Healthcare Technologies Grand Challenges - Transforming Community Health and Care and Frontiers of Physical Intervention - are particularly welcomed. 

Applications should consider health treatment but also homecare, prevention, and wellbeing with the overall goal of keeping people physically and mentally healthy. 

The call will open March 2019. An information day for the call will be held on 27th March in Birmingham. More information about the call and details for the event can be found on the pre-announcement page.