Tier 2 High Performance Computing Services


Submission Deadline: Thursday 5th September 2019, 16:00

Tier-2 High Performance Computing (HPC) services are a significant feature in the UK’s landscape of research and innovation infrastructure. Together with the national Tier-1 service, the network of Tier-2 services act as a distributed national resource that provides a diverse range of expertise and technological capability. Collectively, Tier-2 services act as the interface between the highest capability national and international HPC services and underpinning layer of local computing provision in universities. In addition, Tier-2 services play a key role in enabling multi-disciplinary computational science, building software engineering expertise, and ensuring the UK is at the forefront of new technologies.

EPSRC’s strategy for Tier-2 provision therefore emphasises the need to support a diverse landscape of services that encompass a range of technologies, skills and expertise. By providing standardised and easy to access mechanisms, the Tier-2 services provide significant capacity to the UK research base.

This call is to invest in extending Tier-2 High Performance Computing (HPC) service provision, in recognition that the existing Tier-2 services may wish to seek a refresh or expansion of their hardware, and to support new services that address unmet user requirements or that will provide new capabilities for the UK research base.

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