NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme - Bipolar Disorder

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The National Institute for Health Research invites stage 1 applications for its commissioned call under the health technology assessment programme. This supports primary research for the evaluation of interventions to improve the detection, management or treatment of people across the whole age range with symptoms of bipolar disorder, a diagnosis of bipolar disorder or at risk of bipolar disorder. Examples of topics of interest include:

  • maintenance treatment or relapse prevention of bipolar disorder;
  • manualised psychological interventions for young people;
  • evaluating psychotropics as mood stabilisers in young people;
  • psychological interventions for people with more severe forms of bipolar disorder;
  • effective management for ongoing mood instability;
  • improving the diagnosis of bipolar disorder;
  • interventions in areas such as self-care, paid or voluntary work and leisure activities;
  • management of bipolar disorder in the perinatal period;
  • effectiveness of self-management interventions;
  • use of digital technologies to improve outcomes in early onset bipolar disorder;
  • integrated interventions to address multiple comorbidity in bipolar disorder;
  • interventions to support the role of social networks in supporting recovery.

Researchers in the UK may apply.

There are no fixed limits on the duration of projects or funding, and proposals should be tailored to fully address the research problem. Funding covers up to 80 per cent of full economic cost for HEIs and up to 100 per cent for NHS bodies or providers of NHS services in England.

Ref: 19/130.

Closing date 06 May 20

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