NERC Constructing a digital environment – call for demonstrators


The Natural Environment Research Council, under UK Research and Innovation, with support from the Engineering and Physical Research Council and the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, invites proposals for its constructing a digital environment call for demonstrators. This supports demonstrator projects that fully illustrate the capacity of emerging sensor and data integration technologies and methodologies to harness the UK’s position in environmental, observational and computer and data sciences to create a digitally enabled environment. Projects should integrate sensor networks and technologies with new and existing data systems infrastructure to store, clean and integrate the data produced, for subsequent analysis and decision making support. They must consider novel methods in data analysis and interpretation, and the means by which the information can be accessed, visualised and used in a meaningful way to support decisions. The projects will ultimately demonstrate how a digitally enabled environment benefits policy makers, businesses, communities and individuals.

PIs must be resident in the UK and employed by an approved HEI, research council institute or independent research organisation at lecturer or equivalent level, or above. Public sector research establishments with 10 ore more researchers with PhDs or equivalent are also eligible. Proposals should extend beyond existing research groups and bring together combinations of natural environment, data, computational, statistical and social science expertise thus establishing the multidisciplinary community required to deliver novel approaches to the collection, integration and use of environmental data.

The total budget is worth up to £6.2 million to support grants worth up to £960,000 each at 80 per cent of full economic cost over up to two years. Some smaller value grants are also expected.

Closing date 30 Jan 20

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