MIMIT/ORC/HinM Development Fund for Unmet Needs


Submission Deadline: Friday 30th August 2019

Funding Available: £80,000

The MIMIT/Oxford Road Corridor (ORC)/Health Innovation Manchester (HinM) Development Fund for Unmet Needs is now open to submissions. The £80,000 joint fund has been established to pump-prime up to eight projects that aim to provide solutions to unmet healthcare needs.

Submissions are sought from the Greater Manchester healthcare system for unmet healthcare needs in the areas of ‘living well’ and ‘ageing well’.

Up to eight solution providers will be awarded a minimum of £10,000 to pump prime the development of the solution, with the aim of preparing the project for further funding.

Submission originators will be expected to become part of the final project team and will benefit from:

  • The opportunity to pump prime a solution addressing a problem within your daily practice
  • Increased opportunity for research and collaborative working
  • The support of a multi-disciplinary project team and MIMIT
  • A prize fund of £250 awarded to the most original unmet need (selected by a panel).

Full details available here.

If you have any queries please contact mimit@manchester.ac.uk