Funding for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)


Funding available: £30 million

Innovate UK recently announced a significant increase to the funding available for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships; further details on the announcement can be found here. This means that there is sufficient funding to double the size of the national KTP portfolio.

What does this mean for Manchester?

The University of Manchester currently has 30 live KTPs and is ranked 2nd in the UK for the number and value of KTPs – we are therefore well placed to take advantage of the additional funding available for new projects.

KTP projects provide an excellent framework to support a collaborative partnership with a UK company (large or small), whereby projects are focused on either the development of new products, processes or services or improvements to existing products, processes or services using new technologies, knowledge or research outputs.

KTPs give academics opportunities to observe and influence the practical application of their research, which supports the increasing demand to provide evidence of the impact of research investment, while informing the pathway of ongoing and future research. Projects can last from 12-36 months, typical project value is ~ £200k which is R coded income. Further details can be found here.

There are a number of upcoming opportunities for submission of projects:

  • 28th February “OPEN”
  • 25th April “OPEN”

There is support available from the Knowledge Exchange Team to discuss, scope and develop project submissions – please contact the Knowledge Exchange Team to discuss further.


Telephone: 0161 306 6815