EPSRC | Healthcare technologies for infectious disease resilience

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Deadline: 31st March 2022
Total fund: Not available

This highlight notice is to encourage applications to the EPSRC Healthcare technologies investigator-led grant that:

  • address tackling infectious diseases, for example COVID-19
  • focus on being more resilient to future epidemics and pandemics.

Your application should build upon and complement the existing EPSRC portfolio, especially research related to tackling COVID-19.

In particular, EPSRC are looking for novel engineering and physical science solutions in one or both of the following two areas.

Building resilience in healthcare systems to rapidly respond in healthcare emergencies

Solutions that help us prepare for, manage (absorb, adapt, and transform) and learn from shocks.

For example, this includes:

  • adaptable and scalable approaches to manufacturing vaccines and therapeutics
  • alternative and flexible approaches to deliver care
  • health surveillance systems and analytics to detect outbreaks.

Preventing, controlling, diagnosing, and treating infectious diseases

For example, this includes:

  • techniques for predictive prevention of disease
  • decision-support dashboards and tools for healthcare professionals, and flexible and adaptable processes for manufacturing high-quality therapies.

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