Digital Futures Funding Roundup


A collection of the latest digital funding opportunities across all disciplines. To follow the main links, please ensure you are logged into Research Professional via your institution. Alternatively, direct links to funding pages can be found under the Website heading.

UK intelligence community postdoctoral research fellowships

Primary funder name: Royal Academy of Engineering

Disciplines: Physical Sciences and Engineering; Military Sciences

Summary text: These fellowships support the promotion of unclassified basic research in areas of interest to the intelligence, security and defence community. Fellowships are worth up to £200,000 over two years.


Award amount max: £200,000

Closing date: 04 May 21

Health technology assessment programme – researcher-led workstream, including brain tumours

Primary funder name: Department of Health and Social Care including NIHR

Disciplines: Patient Care & Education; Screening for Diseases; Medical Effectiveness & Patient Outcomes; Health Economics; Medical & Diagnostic Tests; Pharmaceutical Drugs; Biomedical Engineering; Health & Medical Informatics; Brain Cancer; Preventive Medicine

Summary text: This supports research to assess the effectiveness of technologies within the NHS. There are no fixed limits on the duration of projects or funding, and proposals should be tailored to fully address the problem. 


Award amount max: -

Closing date: 05 May 21

Transformations: Social and Cultural Dynamics in the Digital Age

Primary funder name: CHANSE- Collaboration of Humanities and Social Sciences in Europe

Summary text: CHANSE will support new and innovative research into the workings, meaning and consequences of transformations and innovations in the present digital age, viewed through the lens of the social and cultural dynamics.


Award amount max: €1,500,000

Closing date: 07 May 21

Primary funder name: UKRI

Disciplines: Artificial Intelligence; Autonomous Systems; Computer Science; Social Responsibility

Summary text: Apply for funding to support novel and creative multidisciplinary research on responsibility for autonomous systems.


Award amount max: £3,000,000

Closing date: 13 May 21

Best of the web competition

Primary funder name: Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication

Disciplines: Journalism; Digital & Interaction Design; Communication & Media Studies; Mobile Devices, Apps & Ecosystems

Summary text: This recognises web and app design that advances education or research in journalism or mass communication. The prize amount depends on the funds available.


Award amount max: -

Closing date: 15 May 21

CreativeXR programme

Primary funder name: Digital Catapult

Summary text: This supports the development of new virtual, augmented and mixed reality experiences within the creative industries. A total of 20 successful applicants will receive up to £20,000 of early stage investment.


Award amount max: £20,000

Closing date: 17 May 21

Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme – helping SMEs innovate in aerospace

Primary funder name: Innovate UK

Disciplines: Aerospace Engineering & Avionics

Summary text: This enables SMEs to develop innovative aerospace technologies to enhance their capabilities and increase their ability to win new business. The total budget is £2.5 million to support projects with total eligible costs worth between £100,000 and £300,000 for a duration of up to 18 months.


Award amount max: £300,000

Closing date: 18 May 21

Innovator awards

Primary funder name: Wellcome

Disciplines: Medicine & Health; Health & Medical Informatics; Biomedical Engineering

Summary text: These support researchers who are transforming ideas into healthcare innovations that could have a significant impact on human health. Grants are worth up to £750,000 for up to three years.


Award amount max: £750,000

Closing date: 24 May 21

Future leaders fellowships – business

Primary funder name: UK Research and Innovation

Disciplines: Any

Summary text: This enables businesses to develop the leadership potential of an employee through a challenging innovation or research projects. Funding is typically worth up to £1.5 million over four years to cover salaries and operational costs, but applicants may apply for more or less.


Award amount max: -

Closing date: 03 Jun 21

Niche vehicle R&D projects

Primary funder name: Innovate UK

Disciplines: Automotive Engineering; Carbon Dioxide Reduction & Mitigation; Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

Summary text: This enables SMEs activities in the low carbon vehicle technology sector to undertake collaborative R&D activities.


Award amount max: -

Closing date: 08 Jun 21

Sustained support for informatics technologies for cancer research and management

Primary funder name: NIH: National Cancer Institute

Disciplines: Cancer Studies & Oncology; Health & Medical Informatics

Summary text: This supports the continued development and sustainment of high value informatics research resources to improve the acquisition, management, analysis and dissemination of data and knowledge across the cancer research continuum. The maximum project period is five years.


Award amount max: -

Closing date: 08 Jun 21

Newton institutional links grants – UK, Indonesia, Thailand and Turkey

Primary funder name: British Council

Disciplines: Any

Summary text: These enable partners in the UK, Indonesia, Thailand and Turkey to collaborate internationally and gain access to new research environments, facilities, knowledge and expertise in order to enhance the quality of their research and enable them to translate research and innovation into economic and societal benefit. Grants from the Newton Fund range from £50,000 to £150,000 depending on the partner country.


Award amount max: £150,000

Closing date: 12 Jun 21

Better methods, better research

Primary funder name: Medical Research Council

Disciplines: Medicine & Health

Summary text: This supports research that improves research methods being applied by others anywhere within the remit of MRC or the NIHR. Grants are worth up to £500,000 and cover up to 80 per cent of full economic costs.


Award amount max: £500,000

Closing date: 17 Jun 21

Catalyst grant

Primary funder name: Digital Science

Disciplines: Software Engineering

Summary text: This supports the development of innovative research software ideas that benefit scientific research. At least three grants, worth up to £25,000 each, are available each year for projects typically lasting for six months.


Award amount max: £25,000

Closing date: 30 Jun 21

Laboratories to optimise digital health (R01 clinical trial required)

Primary funder nameNIH: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Disciplines: Mental Illness; Mental Health; Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing; Health & Medical Informatics; Counselling & Talking Therapies; Clinical Psychology

Summary text: This supports research to test strategies to increase the reach, efficiency, effectiveness and quality of digital mental health interventions which may impact mental health outcomes, including suicide behaviours and serious mental illness. The maximum project period is four years.


Award amount max:-

Closing date: 01 Jul 21

Special Interest Group on Communications and Computer Networks rising star award

Primary funder name: Association for Computing Machinery

Disciplines: Data Communications; Computer Networks

Summary text: This recognises contributions to the field of communication networks. The award includes a travel honorarium.


Award amount max:-

Closing date: 15 Jul 21

Investigator-initiated research in computational genomics and data science

Primary funder nameNIH: National Human Genome Research Institute

Disciplines: Computational Biology; Genomics; Bioinformatics

Summary text: This supports fundamental genomics research developing innovative analytical methodologies and approaches, early-stage development of tools and software, and refinement or hardening of software and tools of high value to the biomedical genomics community. Funding is for up to five years.


Award amount max:-

Closing date: 16 Jul 21

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