Canada-UK Artificial Intelligence Initiative

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Submission Deadline: Monday 19th August 2019, 16:00

The three Canadian federal research agencies and UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)are pleased to launch the Canada-UK Artificial Intelligence Initiative. This is an interdisciplinary joint call aimed at building competitive, resilient and healthy economies and societies through responsible AI.

The call aims to support innovative and cutting-edge interdisciplinary AI research that encourages the exploration of new interdisciplinary research methodologies, approaches and tools that cuts across at least two of the following research domains:

  1. social sciences and humanities;
  2. health and biomedical sciences; and
  3. natural sciences and engineering (including computational and/or mathematical sciences).

The call promotes the development of responsible AI through research that includes considerations of social-cultural variables (gender, racialised identity, socio-economic status, ability, etc.), biological variables (sex) and sustainable development in the research design, to ensure that the benefits of AI technologies and tools are shared broadly across society, to mitigate against potential harms, and to enhance the trustworthiness of AI.