Biomedical Catalyst 2019 Round 1: Early & Late Stage Awards


Submission Deadline: Wednesday 3rd April 2019, midday

Funding Available: £7 million

The Biomedical Catalyst (BMC) funding programme supports UK businesses to test and develop innovative technologies for health and care. It supports ideas for: disease prevention and management; disease detection and diagnosis; and tailored treatments that change a disease or offer potential cures.

The programme, run by Innovate UK and the Medical Research Council, provides funding to help UK SMEs speed up the process of bringing new products to market and secure onward investment.

Support is available for any life science sector or discipline, including medical technologies and devices, advanced therapies (cell and gene therapies), digital health, drug discovery, and diagnostics. The Biomedical Catalyst has 4 competitions designed to support SMEs to progress projects that are at different stages of development.

For early and late stage awards, UK businesses can apply for a share of up to £7 million to explore and evaluate the commercial potential of a scientific idea to solve a healthcare challenge.

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