BHF Accelerator Award Pump Priming scheme


We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting awards as part of the BHF Accelerator Award Pump Priming scheme.

The University has been awarded £1M by the BHF, matched with significant contribution from the University, to enhance our interdisciplinary cardiovascular research portfolio with a BHF Accelerator Award in Integrative Physiology.

In addition to the recent PhD studentship initiative, we shall seed new interdisciplinary projects via two pump priming schemes:

BHF Accelerator Pump Priming Grants

Up to four awards shall be granted that provide a maximum of £30k in DI costs (staff and consumables), and additionally up to £15k in Core Facilities access charges (£45k total). 

BHF Accelerator Seedcorn Awards

These smaller grants are intended for projects that require resources to generate new data via the core facilities. Applicants can apply for awards of up to £15k in Core Facilities charges, or consumables related to sample preparation for, or validation of, these experiments. No staff costs will be covered.

Download the guidelines on how to apply and cost breakdown sheet below:


Cost breakdown

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