Pre-announcement: Networks to build interdisciplinary communities to address air quality challenges


NERC, on behalf of UKRI and the Met Office, will shortly announce a Strategic Priorities Fund call for networks to build interdisciplinary communities to address air quality challenges across the indoor/outdoor continuum.

Poor air quality is the top environmental risk to public health in the UK with the precise challenge shifting over time. The next decade will see declining transport pollution but increases in other sectors, such as domestic chemical use. Air pollutants of concern will be difficult-to-predict diffuse emissions and secondary pollution created through complex chemistry. Human exposure to these emerging air pollutants occurs increasingly indoors: approaches used to assess and manage lifetime exposure and health impacts need radical change to reflect the indoor-outdoor continuum.

New research is needed to equip the UK to proactively tackle new air quality challenges related to changing emissions and exposure patterns, in order to protect human health and support clean growth. The networks will undertake activities to build and connect interdisciplinary communities to start to address these issues.

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