National Antibiotic Prescribing Dashboard Launch

antiobiotic prescribing CHC

As part of Antibiotic Awareness Week GM CHC have launched the National Antibiotic Prescribing Dashboard, that has collated information from 400 GP practices and 20 million consultations, giving healthcare stakeholders an insight into the antibiotic prescribing behaviours around the country. 

The dashboard provides users with a view of antibiotic prescribing rates in each region, showing the impact that certain key factors can have on the decision to prescribe an antibiotic, such as the GP surgery location, GPs workload and length of consultation with the patient.

Funded by the Department of Health, the Dashboard has been developed for a range of stakeholders including healthcare providers, academic institutions, CCG’s, and local authorities to better understand the existing antibiotic prescribing landscape and to help meet the Government’s target of reducing the number of inappropriate prescriptions by 50% by 2020.

The dashboard shows users how infectious conditions are treated across England and Wales, providing important insight into the challenges that need to be addressed in each region to effectively optimise prescribing behaviours - Prof Tjeerd van Staa, GM CHC 

You can find out more about the dashboard here.

Accessing the National Antibiotic Prescribing Dashboard
The new dashboard is available to those working in a healthcare, research or government institution.

To access the dashboard, you should:
1) Register for an account here

2) Wait for an email from to confirm your account’s approval and click on the link in the email to update your password.

3) Update your password & access the dashboard.