JUST AI (Joining Up Society and Technology in AI)


JUST AI is a research network established by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Ada Lovelace Institute. It has a remit to create a network of researchers, experts and practitioners engaged with ‘AI ethics’.

In doing so, we face the initial challenge of understanding what this field comprises, and who is doing research in the domain of 'AI ethics' throughout the United Kingdom. We interpret the ethical questions associated with AI and data-driven technologies broadly, relating to notions of justice, equity, distribution, fairness, and human rights, as well as to narrower constructions of ethics.

We believe that scholars across the humanities, social sciences and physical sciences are engaged in research endeavours that cut across these topics as they relate to data and AI in different ways. We are interested in understanding who identifies with the field of AI ethics, and what research topics they consider as falling within it.

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