Interdisciplinary Research PS Network Meetings


The Interdisciplinary PS Network (previously Digital Futures PS Network), has been broadened in 2021 to include colleagues from all UoM interdisciplinary research structures – Institutes, Platforms, Networks and Beacons, met virtually in January to hear about recent and forthcoming activities across the network. The group heard presentations on the Christabel Pankhurst Institute for Health Technology Research and Innovation, the Greater Manchester Connected Health Ecosystem, and preparation for the four interdisciplinary sandpit funding events which are to be hosted by IDSAI alongside the Turing Institute in March and April 2021.

Sarah Barton, Digital Futures Strategy and Operations Manager, updated the group on Digital Futures planned activities, and on the launch of the new Sustainable Futures Platform.

The next Interdisciplinary Research PS network is on 11th March, with a presentation from Anne Marie-Nugnes, manager of Creative Manchester, and a presentation from Sarah Barton about Sustainable Futures. The network is composed of managers of UoM Institutes, Platforms, and Networks, Beacons Comms Managers, Business Engagement colleagues and members of faculty Research and Innovation teams.

If you would like to join this network, access our extensive bank of past presentations from members, or check our list of members for contacts in this area, please contact Sarah Barton.

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