Digital Health Observatory website launched

digital health observatory

The ECHAlliance have launched their Digital Health Observatory (DHO) website. The DHO is a collaborative not-for-profit initiative to facilitate and promote the transfer of knowledge.

The aim is to create a community of knowledge in digital health open to all professionals of the health ecosystem from local to global. The mission is to identify, assess, organise, and promote communications that have quality level and value added to accelerate Digital Health Transformation.

The DHO has 4 main objectives:

  1. To provide relevant, timely and high-quality articles, reports, best practices and research in digital health transformation
  2. To increase the awareness and commitment of governments and the private sector to invest in, promote, and advance in transforming healthcare delivery
  3. To generate knowledge that will significantly contribute to the improvement of health using digital technologies and processes
  4. To disseminate research findings and best practices in events, workshops and through social networks

The ECHAlliance are welcoming participation in contributing content to the site as well as giving advice and suggestions on how to further the reach of the DHO to improve diversity and quality. Find out how to participate here

Check out the DHO website